We wanted to alert clients to how important it is to have completely accurate and valid information listed in a Domain Who Is record.

We just had a client contact us and inform us that Nominet the UK Domain Names Umbrella Body have suspended his domain name.  Clearly we cannot name this company but for the purposes of this email we shall call the person  Joe Bloggs who runs a company called Blognet

The client registered his .uk domain name as 'UK Individual' and had set the Registrant Name field to 'Blog' and the Surname field to 'Net'

Nominet said this is not accurate information as Blognet is not a proper name of a person (the client registered the domain as a UK Individual type remember)

What this client should have done is register his Domain as a UK Sole Trader type and set the  name to be 'Joe Bloggs' with a company name of 'Blognet'. Then the Who Is database would have said 'Joe Bloggs trading as Blognet' and the client would not have had his domain suspended by Nominet.


This is just a courtesy message to remind all clients of the importance of accurate information when registering domain names

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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