Late fees are history!

Megaking will no longer add late fees onto overdue invoices!

We value our customers more than anything.  If for any reason you can’t pay your invoice and it becomes overdue, we will not add a late fee no matter how overdue it is.   If you have a current invoice with a late fee applied please open a sales ticket to have it removed.

Remember Megaking is here to help.  If you are having any trouble with your hosting account you can contact us 24/7/365.   Contact Megaking now.

Megaking and Announce Partnership.

We have immense pleasure to announce our new partnership with!

We now offer Vision Help desk license free with all our Reseller Plans –

Vision help desk is a comprehensive web-based help desk software that empowers organizations to gain maximum control over their inbox and offers effective methods for managing Emails, Client Communication, Online Issue Tracking, Knowledgebase, Troubleshooting, News, Downloads, SLA, Escalations, Reports and much more..

The key features of Vision help desk are :-

  • Multiple Domains/Companies**
  • Inbuilt Anti virus Tool
  • Multi-Language
  • Migration Tool
  • AJAX Based Rich User Interface
  • Online Issue Tracking
  • Login Integration
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Report Generation
  • Handy Tool Bar
  • Scrap Book & Private Messaging
  • Submit / Reply Tickets Using Your Favorite Email Client
  • Client Side Quick Search Facility

Vision Free trial and online demo are available at 

7 Day’s Free Trial –
Online Demo —
Evaluation Version —

For more details check this — ask the oracle secure web hosting .

Now providing free web hosting for charities

We’re proud to announce Megaking now provides free web hosting for  registered charities.

To qualify, simply contact us with the details of your charity including the registered charity number, we will then provide a promo code to be used to order a Mini hosting package totally free of charge.


For More Details Contact:

Rate Your Ticket and Earn Credit!

If you have submitted a ticket in the last few weeks you may have noticed you were given the option to complete a quick survey to rate our response.

We already provide some of the best support in the industry, however there is always room for improvement and we strive for perfection. Taking a minute to rate your ticket and provide feedback will help us to improve our support, as a bonus we will also be giving out $20 each month to one lucky reviewer.

If you do choose to leave a ticket review, please be honest with your responses. Marking all fields as excellent may be the case, but I’m sure there is something we could improve on!

Introducing PHP 5.3 Support

We’re happy to announce that all of our servers now support PHP 5.3 (specifically PHP 5.3.8).

There are several methods of enabling 5.3 on your account while the default is still 5.2

Method 1:
Rename your script from .php to .php53

Method 2:
Login to cPanel then click “Apache Handlers” near the bottom of the screen and put the following in the top two boxes

Handler: application/x-httpd-php53
Extension(s): php

Method 3:
Add the following to your .htaccess file:

AddHandler application/x-httpd-php53 .php

Hostplator Name Change from HostHigh

Megaking Name Change from Hostplator

Hostplator was re-branded to Hostplator in early 2009.

Why did Hostplator change it’s name to Megaking ?

The main reason is that Hostplator not brandable and Megaking is. We ran a survey of 100 people asking if all things were the same which company would you sign up with Hostplator or Megaking and 89% of the people choose Megaking based on the name alone. Hostplator built a very respectable name for itself over the years, but this name change was needed to take the company to the next level.

What has changed?

Obviously the domain name is now Megaking.Net, but we also added some great new features. Live sales and support chat were added along with the new peer support forum and company blog. Megaking has new web hosting packages that come with a enough storage space and bandwidth to satisfy the needs of nearly every website. Megaking now has on average 75% less sites per server than other web hosting companies. Less sites per server translates into faster page loading times and better uptime.

To better satisfy clients, Megaking was built with a new high tech billing system and support help desk that are both open 24/7/365. The new help desk allows clients to view every ticket they have created; showing every staff and client reply.

Be assured the company was NOT sold. We are the same company with a new name.

Why the name change?

I know its been a few months since we changed the company name from Hostplator to Megaking, but we still get asked the question a few times a week. The answer is, it was a move to secure the future of the company. With the old name the company could only grow so large. People had trouble remembering if we were Hostplator . We heard this time and time again from current clients, multiple that by thousands of visitors and think of all the lost sales we had because people forgot the company name. We just had to face it, Hostplator just is not a brand-able name.

After months a research and polls we purchased a gem of a name Megaking. Now who cannot remember that? Based on a survey we ran before the name change:

“A survey of 100 people asking if all things were the same which company would you sign up with Hostplator or Megaking and 89% of the people chose Megaking based on the name alone.”

With results like that we had no choice, but to make the name change.

Since the name change our advertising campaigns have seen a 500% increase in click through ratio and our radio and television ads have been very successful, which is something we had never seen with the old name. Overall the name change process was difficult and very expensive, but in the long run it will be well worth it.

Domain Name Registration Tips

Always make it a point to register your own domain name. Make sure you are the owner of it and all contact details are yours. Choose a domain name, which will give a good idea about our business or its core values. If you are selling herbal products a name like will instantly prompt a prospective buyer who is looking for some herbal solutions.

Another good idea is to register all variants of your domain name and point them to your main domain.

For example : and both point to, so if the user accidentally types in either domain name, he will be taken to the main site.